Gas Desuperheaters or Injectors are used for reducing the temperature or injection of different types of gas as well for other types of (hydrocarbon) vapors.

Desuperheaters for GAS

Gas Desuperheaters are typically used to reduce the temperature of gaseous substances. Gas Desuperheaters can also be used to inject different types of liquefied gas or water into the gas line to create specific mixes. Therefore, they are also known as Injectors.

Desuperheaters as solution for Gas applications

Kiekens-DSH Gas Desuperheaters are used for reducing and controlling the temperature of gas by injecting water or liquefied gas into the gas stream. As gas temperature can be controlled, the controllability of your entire process is enhanced, which is especially important in processes where pressure and gas flow are constantly changing. As a result, errors, damage and safety problems are prevented.

Injectors for Gas

Apart from the cooling of gas, Injectors for gas can also be used to inject (cryogenic) liquefied gases into gaseous substances. They are used for instance to inject liquefied LNG, Methane, Ethane, Propane, Butane or a mixture into the gas line to create specific mixes. Based on enthalpy values of the gas and the injection of liquefied gas, Kiekens-DSH can select and propose the best suitable Desuperheater or Injector for your system.

Other applications

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