Kiekens Desuperheaters can be used in a broad range of applications. Based on your process conditions and specifications, Kiekens-DSH designs and builds Desuperheaters for processes involving different gaseous substances, such as steam, gas, and LNG. Explore the applications of our Desuperheaters.

Desuperheater Applications

Desuperheaters are most commonly used to accurately control the temperature and pressure of steam. This guarantees the continuity of various processes, and has some other benefits as well. The desuperheating of steam is applied in all kinds of processes, ranging from power generation to the processing of paper, food and textiles.

Besides cooling down steam in the process itself, the desuperheating of steam can help to achieve serious cost reductions. Lower temperature steam has a lower volume, so that thinner pipes and lighter flanges can be deployed. Additionally, lower grade alloys can be used to transport lower temperature steam.

Besides steam cooling, the principle of the Desuperheater can also be applied to gas. Gas Desuperheaters are used to reduce the temperature of gas, or to inject different types of gas to create different kinds of vapors. Finally, our Desuperheaters are also used for processes involving LNG.


Desuperheaters are a critical component used in the management of steam from power generation sources… Steam application


Gas Desuperheaters or Injectors are used for reducing the temperature or injection of different types… Gas application


The Kiekens LNG Multiple Nozzle Spray (MNS) and Quench desuperheaters are typically designed and applied… LNG application

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