The Kiekens Quench Desuperheater is a reliable and less costly option for simpler applications. This specific type of Desuperheater requires a separate water valve for the injection of water into the steam pipeline. The Quench is installed perpendicular and is easy to mount into your pipeline system.

Functionality of the Quench Desuperheater

The Kiekens Quench Desuperheater controls steam temperature by regulating the cooling water flow through a fixed number of spray nozzles in operation.

They key feature of the Kiekens Quench Desuperheater is that it uses as separate Temperature Control Valve (TCV), to obtain a stable conditioned desuperheated steam flow temperature against a negligible steam side pressure drop.

The cooling water flow is regulated by the separate TCV, allowing its use in less demanding desuperheating applications. The Kiekens Quench Desuperheater regulates the steam temperature by injection of cooling water through a fixed number of injection nozzles in operation. This specific type of Desuperheater and requires a separate to control the cooling water flow. The Kiekens Quench has a lifetime of more than 25 years.

Applications of the Quench Desuperheater

As the Quench is our simplest type of Desuperheater, its applications are limited. It can only be used in processes with constant duty operation. The Quench Desuperheater is not only used for cooling superheated steam, but also applied to LNG receiving, storage and regasification terminals.

Three reasons to choose the Kiekens Quench

  • Easy to install
  • Low cost
  • Over 25-year lifetime

Characteristics and specifications of the Quench Desuperheater

Design Codes ASME B16.34, ASME I, , ASME B31.1, ASME B31.3
Certification Europe – PED 2014/68/EU, Russia – CU TR, India – IBR
Piping Codes & Standards ANSI, DIN-standard, BSi British Standard, JIS or any other internationally accepted standard
Material - Body Various kinds of forged/pipe steel: from carbon to low/high alloy steel up to special materials such as Incoloy
Material - Spray Nozzle Forged Stainless Steel AISI 410
Pipe connections Flanged connections
Installation Position Vertical, horizontal up to 90°
Steam Flow range 500 kg/h to 500T/h
Injectionrate Over 10%
Temperature range Up to570°C, depending on the material selection
Pressure range Up to 250 bar, depending on type and material selection
Pressure Class ANSI 150# - 2500# DIN PN 1-400
Steam pipe diameter 6” – 50”
Water side turndown ratio 5:1
Steam side turndown ratio Determined by the minimum steam velocity
Lifetime 25 years

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