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Kiekens was founded on 1 May, 1907 by Mr. H. Th. Kiekens in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. The company focused on manufacturing fans for blacksmiths. The fans replaced the bellows and the link to industrial ventilation was made.

In the 1960s, Kiekens, in collaboration with Shell and Technical University, developed the first desuperheater, which enabled the controlled lowering of the temperature of steam. Manufacturing desuperheaters for Shell, started for the plants in The Netherlands and later also desuperheaters were supplied for other Dutch Refinery and Petrochemical plants. In the 1970s Shell also ordered desuperheaters for Shell Singapore plants and since then Kiekens started to supply their desuperheaters worldwide.

Currently Kiekens-DSH supplies their thousands of desuperheaters in more than 100 countries.

History Kiekens-DSH B.V.

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1907       Founding of private company Kiekens in Amsterdam


Internatio Muller Group

1971       Take over by Internatio-Müller N.V.



1993       Internatio-Müller N.V. becomes Imtech N.V.


Imtech Systems

1998       Reorganisation of Kiekens B.V. within Imtech and Desuperheater division is added to Imtech-Systems.


1999       Move of Kiekens Desuperheaters from Landsmeer to Zaandam (current location)


Imtech Technology

2004       Reorganisation of Imtech-Systems B.V. to Imtech-Technology B.V.


Imtech Kiekens

2009       Kiekens part becomes Imtech-Kiekens


Industry International

2015       BU Industry International B.V. is acquired by Techim B.V.


360 KAS

2017       Merger of Kiekens Technology and Analyser Systems to 360KAS B.V.


Kiekens Desuperheaters

2018       Kiekens-DSH B.V. acquires Kiekens Desuperheaters from 360KAS B.V.

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