The Kiekens Venturi is our top of the line Desuperheater, known all over the world as the most reliable Desuperheaters on the market. Therefore, the Kiekens Venturi is frequently used in the oil and gas industry, where the highest safety standards are applicable. The Kiekens Venturi is made in of a solid forging, where excess material is cut away – this means no welding or moving parts. As a result, the Kiekens Venturi is insensitive to thermal shocks and requires virtually no maintenance. With a lifespan of more than 30 years, the Kiekens Venturi is widely regarded as the Desuperheater solution with the lowest cost of ownership.


Venturi Desuperheater

The lowest cost of ownership solution for desuperheating VHP/HP/MP/LP steam is the Kiekens Venturi Desuperheater.

The key feature of the Kiekens Venturi Desuperheater is that it obtains a stable conditioned desuperheated steam flow temperature handling high amount of cooling water injection in the shortest possible time.

Three advantages of desuperheater Kiekens Venturi:      

  • Lowest cost of ownership
  • Unmatched reliability
  • Great cooling capacity

Functionality and principle of the Venturi Desuperheater:

The best solution for Desuperheating VHP/HP/MP/LP steam is the Kiekens Venturi Desuperheater. The Kiekens Venturi Desuperheater is capable of obtaining a stable conditioned desuperheated steam flow to control the temperature and can handle a high amount of cooling water in a very short time span.

The Kiekens Venturi can be installed in-line in your process application. The Desuperheater is custom designed and built to your specifications. Based on your process conditions, we calculate and design the required Venturi orifice diameter, which is key for the Desuperheater to function. The working principle of the Desuperheater is based on the Venturi (vena contracta) principle, which generates dynamical energy inside the Desuperheater, where cooling water is suctioned-in and atomized in fine cooling water droplets by the special wing-shaped spray nozzle design. The combination of the Venturi and the wing-shaped spray nozzle generates high turbulence (vortex) and secures rapid and total evaporation in a very short time period, which are one of the advantages of desuperheater from Kiekens-DSH..

Only a relatively short straight steam pipe length is required for installation, both up- and downstream of the Venturi Desuperheater, and thermal sleeves are not necessary. The steam side turn down ratio (maximum flow/ minimum flow) that can be handled by the Kiekens Venturi Desuperheater depends on the allowable steam side pressure drop across the Desuperheater. As mostly high pressure is available a pressure reducing desuperheating system (PRDS), higher turn down ratio can be achieved.

Lowest cost of ownership Desuperheater

With no need for maintenance or replacement parts, the Kiekens-DSH Venturi is widely regarded as the Desuperheater with the lowest cost of ownership. Once the Desuperheater is installed, the life cycle costs are incredibly low. So, while the initial investment may be higher, you will easily earn it back in the Venturi’s 30 years lifespan. The low cost of ownership makes this top of the line model the best choice for end users and owners.

What are the applications of the Venturi Desuperheater?

The Kiekens Venturi is most commonly used for cooling desuperheated steam. We have installed this Desuperheater model in a variety of industries, like boiler desuperheater or ranging from petrochemicals to pulp and paper processing. Because of its unmatched reliability and resilience, this model has become a staple in the refinery industry or desuperheater in boiler and furnace applications where safety and reliability are a top priority.

Leaflet brochure Kiekens Venturi Desuperheater

How can Kiekens be of service?

Based on your specifications, Kiekens-DSH can perform all necessary calculations described above and supply a complete Venturi desuperheating system.

Share your specifications with us and request your quote

A Kiekens Flange Pattern Venturi Desuperheater, which will be mounted in the steam pipeline with studbolts and 2 nuts each. The Kiekens Venturi is easy to install and can be mounted in any position. There is no need for special tools for installation.

A Kiekens Butt-Weld Venturi Desuperheater, which will be welded into the steam pipeline. The Butt-Weld Desuperheaters are available with same size of steam inlet and outlet connections and with different size inlet connection and larger size outlet connection.

The Kiekens Venturi Desuperheater, with its customized wing shaped spray nozzle, is capable to evaporate a large amount of water in relation to the steam flow, which makes it extremely suitable for applications between coils in boilers and cracking furnaces.

Kiekens Venturi

Characteristics and specifications of the Venturi Desuperheater

Design Codes ASME I, ASME Sect VIII, Div1., ASME B31.1, ASME B31.3
Certification Europe – PED 2014/68/EU, Russia – CU TR, India – IBR, USA - "U" stamp, other certification on request
Piping Codes & Standards ANSI, DIN-standard, BSi British Standard, JIS or any other internationally accepted standard
Material - Body Various kinds of forged steel: from carbon to low/high alloy steel up to special materials such as Incoloy
Material - Spray Nozzle Forged Stainless Steel ASTM (S)A 182 Grade 316Ti
Pipe connections Flanged connections or butt welded joints
Installation Position Vertical, horizontal or diagonal. Both up- and downward going steam flow possible.
Steam Flow range 30 kg/h to 1,000 T/h
Injectionrate Over 45%
Temperature range Over 600 °C, depending on the material selection
Pressure range Over 250 bar, depending on the material selection
Pressure Class ANSI 150# - 2500# DIN PN 1-400
Diameter range 1” – 50”
Water side turndown ratio 40:1
Steam side turndown ratio Determined by allowable steam side pressure drop
Lifetime 30 years, with low maintenance requirements
Thermalsleeve Not required

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