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Desuperheaters produce an increased flow of steam and can be used in a variety of process applications. Kiekens Desuperheaters are custom designed and built and have a very low cost of ownership. Explore all of our products and find the desuperheater definition, advantages of desuperheater in the overview of our desuperheater products.

Control Valves

Understanding the Functionality of a Desuperheater in Steam Processes

A desuperheater plays a vital role in regulating and maintaining the temperature of superheated steam, an essential aspect of numerous industrial operations. This equipment operates on a principle of atomization and evaporation, where it is spraying a cooling liquid, typically water, into minuscule droplets. The primary objective is to efficiently lower the temperature of the incoming steam to a precise and controlled temperature level, achieving this within the least amount of time and distance.

During operation, the desuperheater introduces a calculated quantity of water directly into the superheated steam through a wing type spray nozzle (Venturi type desuperheater ) or variation of spray nozzles (MNS and Quench type desuperheater) . This process allows the cooling water to rapidly evaporate by absorbing the heat from the steam. The result of this interaction is a significant reduction in the steam’s temperature, effectively optimizing the steam for its intended industrial application.

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