Pulp & Paper

Our Desuperheaters are widely used in the pulp and paper industry, where steam plays a key role. Learn more about the function of Desuperheaters in the production process of paper and pulp.

Desuperheaters for pulp and paper

Desuperheaters are used in the production process of pulp, paper, tissue and board: nearly all of the machines used throughout the industry have steam and condensate systems. In the production process, conditioned steam is mainly used for drying. In order to dry the paper, a Desuperheater delivers steam in a (near) saturated state to the dryer. As heat is conducted through the dryer sheet and into the sheet, the steam is condensed to liquid and the paper is dried.

For conditioning of the temperature of the steam, our clients use the Kiekens (in-line) Venturi Desuperheaters. For small amounts of steam, we can supply sizes from DN25 (1 inch) in your pipeline system.

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