Design Engineer

Job Description:

The Design Engineer takes over a project with project specifications assigned through Project Manager or Project Engineer and reflect the project specific information in project and engineering documentation. The Design engineer develops the quality inspection and test plan, General arrangement drawings and prepare the set of project specific documents for client’s review. These documents are submitted to the client via Document Controller. In case of comments from the client on reviewed documents, the Design Engineer assesses, possibly in consultation with the Project Manager/Engineer, the comments provided by the client and adjusts them where possible. After approval on Key documents from the client , fabrication drawings are made. The Design Engineer works in close collaboration with the Project Manager/Engineer and Document Controller. 

Furthermore, the Design Engineer keeps the national/international Codes and Standards up-to-date that are applicable to Kiekens’ Steam Desuperheaters. 

Continuous improvement is an important aspect of job for the Design Engineer. He continually focuses on cutting the lead time of the project documentation approval cycle and consequently reducing the number of total project hours.

Task and responsibilities:

  • Studying and checking the project specifications.
  • Preparing and adjusting project documentation in line with project specifications and scope of project.
  • Making General arrangement drawings for the client as well as Fabrication drawings.
  • Monitoring the status and progress of the project documentation in consultation with Document Controller.
  • Maintaining and Keeping the Design Standards/Codes up-to-date. (latest editions).

Job Requirements:

    • A Completed HBO in Mechanical Engineering.
    • 2-5 years of experience as a Design/Project Engineer in oil and gas sector.
    • Competency in AutoCAD.
    • Experience with Microsoft Office software.(Word, Excel, PowerPoint etc.)
    • Experience with EPC projects.
    • Knowledge of B2B business on national and international level.
    • Familiarity with technical standards according to ASME is an advantage.
    • Being able to work independently, accurately and proactively.
    • Good ability to collaborate with direct and indirect colleagues.
    • Good command of the Dutch and English language in reading and writing.
    • Stress resistant and team player.


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